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MF DOOM - Guinnesses

[Chorus: 4ize] [Singing]

War wound, purple heart, love veteran
Morphine, pain killers, drugs and medicine
Anything just to forget the hurt, INCOMING...
Take cover hit the dirt
On the frontline, there's casualities in the mind
And the POW's get left behind
Mentally scarred for life, love is war
And some chics are just too hard to wife

Chuck D - Notice (Know This)

Straight fire.

Wu-Tang Clan - Heaterz

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo this is MC wizardry, killa bee invasion
Men of respect, blessed with wisdom of the ancients
My words are blatant, lacerate necks for statements
are launched like lead projectiles, straight out the basement
I suplex your rap, left ruined like the Aztecs
Parasites, double edge dice your larynx
My hip-hop, swarmin team locked inside the detox
Under key flock, it's like b-block and E-glocks
you're ill, your trail end thoughts are frail
I strike the cypher, and let one survive to tell the tale
Of my state of grace, I raise the stakes on snakes
Knock em off like the big eights for takin up space
Never did fear em, stick em with the truth serum
Who sent em, arrest em before my charge is ended
Designated hitter flows with the transistor
Kinetic globes light will then shine, burns your retina
Urban journal, plus eternal broadcaster
Before and after, I be self lord and master
I'm really digging Michael Jackson's Dangerous.

What I like in a sharehouse room ad

  • Detailed details regarding the room and house.
  • Details on the people currently living within the house.
  • Information on what they're looking for in a housemate.
  • Photos are nice.
  • Exquisite grammar and spelling.
  • People who introduce themselves or sign off with a name. It's really annoying writing a message, but not having a name to address. "Hello Derp Derp..."
I think that covers most of it.

Jul. 8th, 2011

 Swearing is so unclassy.
 Fuck my housemates.

With a hammer.

Well, just one.

Housemate, that is.
 Watching le Tour de France!


Jun. 24th, 2011

I dislike being less lazy than my female housemates.

 Rich people are awesome.